Quality Thermacell Blinds in Hamilton

What's a Thermacell Blind?

Thermacell blinds are a pleated fabric blind that not only provides a stylish look to your room, they also have excellent insulation properties. The special honeycomb design traps air to buffer against the cold or heat. Thermacell blinds fits tightly into the window opening and only has a small gap on the sides. Allowing you to either keep your room cool in summer or warm in winter. This has a similar effect to installing extra glazing in your window and can reduce your energy costs. Thermacell blinds are also known as 'Thermacell insulating blinds' or 'Thermal blinds'.

Fabric Options for Thermacell Blinds

Thermacell blinds have a variety of fabric options that allows you to choose how much light you would like in your rooms.

  • Sheer - translucent sheer allows visibility through the fabric when the shade is down.

  • Light Filtering - ideal for bright light diffusion with the largest range of colours and designs.

  • Semi-Opaque - medium opacity for enhanced light diffusion for any decor.

  • Room Darkening - provides privacy and is ideal for those who like to sleep in a darker room.

  • Designer Fabrics - create a special look with our designer range.

  • Flame Resistant - stylish yet fire resistant for peace of mind.

  • Day and Night privacy - the Day and Night Thermacell Blind product features a sheer fabric for the day and a room darkening fabric for privacy at night.

Extra Features

  • Thermacell blinds offer a child friendly safety option with its cordless and cord-loop system.

  • As a cost effective cordless option, Smart Rise allows you to lift and lower the Thermacell blinds by hand.


Thermacell blinds are perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, villas and skylights.

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