Quality Awnings in Hamilton

What's an Awning?

Awnings provide shade, shelter and style to your outdoor area. Used for both decks, balconies and swimming pools, they are also perfect for cafes and restaurants. At the touch of a button, these awnings can extend out from the building, up to 4 meters. Impressively stylish, and up to 7 meters in width, there is ample shelter from the rain or shade from the harsh sunlight and UV rays.

Operation Options

Awnings offer two options to operate, which allows for accommodation within your budget.

  • Motorisation - at a press of a button, extend and retract your awnings easily, using either hard-wired or remote control. Perfect for those larger awnings due to their weight. For complete automation, add in timer controls and sun and wind sensors for convenience.

  • Crank - a manual crank control will also easily project and retract awnings up to 7 meters, however the motorisation option is ideal for the larger awnings due to weight.

Extra Features

  • Colour Options - a wide selection of colour options to complement the surrounding area.

  • Material Options - a selection of material options from fabric to sunscreen to customise the awning to provide the best solution for your needs.

  • Easy Installation allows the awning to be fixed onto a wall, under the eaves or by using flexible roof brackets.


The benefits of Awnings are:

  • Very durable

  • Highest quality

  • One to three-year guarantee


Awnings are perfect for outdoor areas such as patios, balconies, decks and pool areas. Also great for commercial properties such as cafes and restaurants.

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