Quality Outdoor Products in Hamilton

What Outdoor Products Do We Offer?

We offer a range of Outdoor Products perfect for your needs. Providing privacy, style and protection from the natural elements, each of these products offer a perfect solution. Our Awnings provide shelter and shade from rain and the harsh sunlight for your patio, deck and pool areas. Outdoor Blinds, also known as external screens, range offer protection from wind, heat, sun protection and when fully enclosed, can be insect resistant! No need to close windows and doors on hot summer days.

Outdoor Products Options

Perfect solutions for your outdoor entertaining needs.

  • Awnings are perfect for providing shelter from the rain and shade from harsh sunlight.

  • Outdoor Blinds (or) external screens are great for providing protection from wind, heat and insects.


Awnings are the perfect complement to your decks, patios and balconies. Providing shelter and shade with a touch of a button, these awnings will easily extend and retract.

Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor Blinds are great for enclosing outdoor areas with their lock-bolts and side tension cables. Providing protection from wind, harsh UV rays, rain and insects.


The benefits of outdoor products are:

  • Controls privacy and light to your requirements

  • Very durable

  • Wind resistant

  • Reduce UV damage to furniture

  • Motorised options available

  • Most fabrics are flame retardant and non-toxic

  • Three-year guarantee, except in the case of Commercial requirements it will be twelve months guarantee