Contemporary Indoor Shutters in Hamilton

What's a Contemporary Indoor Shutter?

Contemporary Indoor Shutters add style and sophistication to your windows with an internal fitting. Not only do they provide privacy and light control options, they also enhance the value and beauty to your home. These contemporary shutters allow for customizing privacy with its unique Invisible Tilt mechanism. Simply close one section of your shutter for more privacy and tilt another section at an angle to retain a special view.

Material Options

Contemporary shutters offer various timber options which allows for accommodation within your budget and style requirements.

  • Artwood - hard wearing and water resistant shutter, perfect for bathrooms

  • Phoenixwood - offers the classic wood look. Beautifully finished hardwood shutters with distinctive grain patterns.

  • Woodlore - durable and cost effective shutter with a polyproplylene coating

  • Woodlore Plus - combines the best of Woodlore framing and stiles with Artwood (ABS) blades. The ABS blades are very hardwearing and more resistant to knocks. As these blades are lighter in weight the shutter can be manufactured to a wider dimension than usual.

Extra Features

  • Custom Designed to your specification and measurements.

  • Made to Measure to fit any window size, including shaped windows.

  • Installed to either hinge, bi-fold or slide, in any room.

  • Motorised Shutters with remote controlled opening and closing blades mean shutters can be used up high or in modern skylights where too much heat and sunlight can be a problem.

  • Colour Match - available colour palette to match with selected shutters.


The benefits of Contemporary Shutters are:

  • Easy to clean

  • Very durable

  • Highest quality

  • Three-year guarantee


Contemporary Shutters are perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms and kitchens. Contemporary shutters can also be used to turn large rooms into smaller living areas with a sliding option.

porary Shutters Images